Armine, Sales & Marketing Manager, Armenia

I was born in Yerevan and still live here. What I would like for my country is to see it evolve further and become stronger and prosperous. And that there will never be another war. In my mother tongue Armenian, we have a wonderful saying: "Մի ծաղկով գարուն չի գա" – which literally means that a single flower doesn’t make a spring. The point is that an individual cannot accomplish much, but together we can accomplish anything. I like that thought. Even as a child I wanted to do good deeds and help other people. That’s why, initially, I wanted to become a doctor. But then I studied Oriental Languages and completed my degree in that subject. Afterwards I went into marketing, because it was a good fit for my character. When I explain my job to my daughter, I tell her that advertising is omnipresent, around the world – on television, on the internet, on the streets, in shopping centers and movie theaters. And that good advertising and good marketing enable companies to inform people of their products and services. At the end of the day, this helps us decide which product or service we want to buy.

Armine Bedevyan, Sales & Marketing Manager, Gebrüder Weiss Armenia
Armine Bedevyan, Sales & Marketing Manager, Gebrüder Weiss Armenia
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