Kenny, Key Account Manager, Malaysia

Malaysia is a multiethnic and multicultural country. The official language is Malay but I also speak English, and I communicate with my colleagues and customers in both languages. My mother tongue is Mandarin Chinese. I was born in Penang, a state on the western coast populated mainly by people of Chinese origin. I still live here. The region has been shaped, like the rest of Malaysia, by a variety of influences: the Indians, Chinese and Arabians. Then colonial rule by the Portuguese, Dutch and British. The architecture of the state capital George Town reflects these different phases, as does the street art that references historic events. What's more, thanks to Penang being a melting pot, there are some truly wonderful specialties on the menu. This include char kway teow, chendul, curry mee, ikan bakar, mee goreng mamak and Penang laksa. In my book, they are some of the best dishes in the world.

Kenny Lau, Key Account Manager, Gebrüder Weiss Malaysia

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