Teodora, Air Freight Forwarder, Bulgaria

I never would have thought I’d end up working in logistics! And I never would have believed I would enjoy it so much. I still live in the region of my youth, in the city of Elin Pelin, which is not far from Sofia. Lots of young people have moved here recently because they want to live close to the capital but not to all the hubbub. So the city keeps growing, along with job opportunities. Compared to our parents’ generation, living conditions have greatly improved. Medicine and technology in particular have progressed and become key components of our lives. Many people don’t like the amount of technology that surrounds us nowadays. Still, no one can deny that it brings lots of advantages.

Teodora, Air Freight Forwarder, Gebrüder Weiss Bulgaria
Teodora Mirazchiyska, Air Freight Forwarder, Gebrüder Weiss Bulgaria
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