Milk Powder

Twenty sheep per person - that was the formula for success in New Zealand 40 years ago. Today, there are only five of these four-legged friends for every inhabitant, because farmers have realigned their operations. Dairy farming is now booming in the former shepherd's paradise. Conditions for this are propitious. Thanks to the temperate climate, cattle can live almost all year round outdoors - enjoying the grass that never stops growing on the fertile pastures. Moreover, additives like fertilizer are relatively cheap, dry feed such as corn and sugar beet an be cultivated on site, and electricity costs are low due to the widespread use of hydropower and geothermal energy. New Zealand is now one of the world's leading agricultural players and its largest exporter of dairy products, especially milk powder. As a consequence, dairy farming has gone high-tech, and its products account for more than 30 percent of the country's exports. Demand for New Zealand milk powder is high, particularly in Asia. As a result, cows have displaced sheep in the country's pecking order.

Locations in New Zealand:
Auckland, Christchurch

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