South Korea


If you want to spice up your life, we recommend kimchi. In South Korean cuisine, fermented cabbage is a traditional side dish that enjoys immense popularity. For some time now, its fan base has been spreading around the world. Nowadays it is exported not only to Japan and China but also to Europe, the United States and other countries. Gourmets are not alone in savoring kimchi; health-conscious men and women appreciate it as well. Fermented foods contain an abundance of lactic acid bacteria, which are good for our intestinal flora. And healthy digestion is key to a sense of well-being. There are numerous recipes for preparing this specialty. Chinese cabbage, wild radish, carrots, spring onions and garlic are frequent ingredients, and the vegetables are set to ferment in a spicy paste made of chili, fish sauce, garlic and ginger. The mixture is then turned over to the microorganisms that undergo genetic transformation. This controlled decomposition process is an ancient method used almost everywhere on the planet to prevent food from perishing and preserve it for transport. But nowhere is it as popular as in South Korea, where households even have dedicated kimchi refrigerators – with humidified air and a constant temperature.

Locations in South Korea:
Busan, Seoul

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