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Port of Hamburg

The port of Hamburg is a symphony, a maritime medley made up of shifting tides, passing faces, deals being done. Creative energy has enabled Germany's top trading port to adapt to the winds of time. Yet here too, in the shadows of the gantry cranes, the coronavirus pandemic has left its scars.

Axel Mattern is looking forward to an economic recovery.
A single titan like the MATZ MAERSK can transport more than 18,000 containers.
From ship to rail, and vice versa. Made possible by the Port of Hamburg.
Digital mariner: the engineer Robert Grundmann from the Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML.
The church wends its way between the barges.
Prayers on board – not just for sailors. Pastor Christel Zeidler lends a helping hand.
Light artist Michael Batz watches the comings and goings in the “Warehouse City.”
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